HR Monday Musical – Oklahoma!

The HRi has always enjoyed theatre, and can’t watch a stage play or movie without thinking about the HR issues presented. It’s a curse.

If the characters of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma! were your employees, would you ever have some big issues.

Sexual harassment would be the first obvious problem. Young and pretty Laurey would be in your office telling you  “I just don’t like the way he looks at me!” In this case, she is referring to Jud Fry, the not-so-well-groomed farmhand with a mean attitude and an expressed interest in having Laurey be his girl.

Judd might counter that his rival Curly, the smooth-talking cowboy gives Laurey even more attention than he does, and you would have to explain the difference between welcome and unwanted.

Curly is so smooth, Jud doesn’t even realized when he is being bullied by him, as when Curly suggests that the best way to get the respect and attention of the town would be to hang himself. When you interviewed Curly about this, he would tell you he was giving Jud  some etiquette lessons.

Fortunately, when Will Parker is telling everyone about his trip to Kansas City, no one seems to be offended. But when he tells the boys about the girl at the “Burley-Q” who was “Round above as she was round below”, it could have gotten out of hand.  Someone may need to pull the boy aside and caution him about how descriptive he may get. Of course if his girl Ado Annie doesn’t learn to say “No”, she is going to need constant supervision, especially if the sales rep, Ali Hakim is anywhere around.

Let’s not forget Aunt Eller. She definitely is playing favorites with the workers and is going to sooner or later find herself facing an organizing campaign.

I’m not so sure that Jud isn’t the easiest of the group to deal with!

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