HR Musical Monday – Annie!

The HRi has always enjoyed theatre, and can’t watch a stage play or movie without thinking about the HR issues presented. It’s a curse.

My children spent a lot of time in the theatre. So I have seen this musical perhaps more times than any other. I’ve seen Daddy Warbucks with hair and without, a plump Franklin Roosevelt, and Sandy the Dog in whatever form she could be found from local pet owners. This musical is the source of that ever-optimistic song “Tomorrow”, which, as we all know, is only a day away.

A lesser-known song that speaks to me in my job is “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”, sung to the radio audience of the Hour of Smiles radio show. Warbucks has committed to help Annie find her parents, and they use the show as a way to get the word out that Annie is looking for them.

In the thousands of interviews I’ve done through the years staffing new facilities, I still look for that smile from the candidate when we first meet. Is it a clenched-tooth smile of fear or a relaxed confident smile? Am I about to be doomed to an hour of excuses? Am I going to hear the tales of what might have been? Am I going to have a candidate who listens carefully and provides answers to the questions I asked and not just remind me that they like working with people?

The smile at the beginning is never the basis for a hiring decision of course. But it can make all the difference in how the interview progresses. Or the team meeting. Or the investigation. Or the dozens of other types of interactions I routinely have with employees.

You see, the reason the song rings in my head is to remind me that I am never fully dressed without a smile. I’m not always aware of how people perceive me (that introvert stuff), but I know I have an accountability for that, and my expression in that first meeting can make all the difference.

Who cares what they’re wearing, on Main Street or Saville Row

It’s what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe, that ma–a–a–tters

Are you fully dressed today?

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