When Feedback Breaks Through

I did not set out to have a career in HR. I even pretended for a while that I wasn’t really in HR, I was just lending support. I enjoyed roles in operations as a project person and a team leader, and got pulled into the function on a project that needed some very specific help in developing team structures and eventually the staffing of the teams.

Now, after many years of working in the discipline, I could easily say that the most consistent feedback I have received was that I appeared disconnected and not productive. When someone set up time to meet with me, they would discover what I was doing and wondered why I was keeping it secret. “You need to let people know what you are working on. I was worried we would miss a deadline because of you, but you were one of the people most prepared for this project. Blow your horn once in a while.” After years of working on developing teams, I realized that I prefer to work alone. But that’s not good for me or the business I support.

We learn best when we learn from each other. And for someone like me, the advances in blogging and social media have been outstanding. In the privacy of my home or my office I can plug into experts, and I can plug into very talented and experienced people who point to many other even more talented and experienced people. And because of that, I can do a better job plugging into my real-life co-workers as well. I may not always want to, but to get better, I need to.

I recently ran across Jennifer McClure’s post on Introverts. No need to add anything more, she did an outstanding job of summarizing.

Though I’m not a big conference go-er. Conferences like HRevolution and HRReinvention are intimidating to me, but at the same time have the potential for the kind of growth that inspires me. I realize that just reading blogs and twitter conversations and listening to HRHappyHour is not enough, I need to get in on the conversation.  So, if you find something useful here, please feel free to share your reflections. I will be exploring the HR Blogging universe as much as I can and sharing my comments as well.

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