Time For Due Diligence on Personal Objectivity

I’ve never been a resolution-oriented person. I guess I have reached decision points that represent a framework of how I live, but few if any of these have January 1st as a date of origin. But for many, the first day of the year just seems as good a day as any to start something or quit something.

In the last few months, since starting this blog, I think I have come to realize that I have made a resolution. I am slowly learning to integrate with a portion of the online HR community. I subscribe to a couple of dozen blogs written by HR practitioners with a broad range of expertise. Some are recruiters, some are managers, some are labor experts and some are self-employed HR consultants. They cross many industries, have varying degrees of experience, and write about whatever topics interest them at the moment.

Many of them communicate frequently on Twitter, and they keep their professional connections active through several means of social media. Some are active in SHRM, and many get involved in self-designed “un-conferences” to help get focused development on subjects that are their primary interest.

As I begin to participate, and consider attending events like HRevolution, I realize that I am testing some fundamental thoughts I have had about my profession. As I continue to learn and grow as an HR professional, I also need to un-learn. I need to pay attention to the online folks who put it all out there and do likewise. Objectivity is not maintained by keeping to yourself. You get objectivity by opening up, sharing with others, and providing them feedback as well.

So for me, the new year will bring a continuation of what I’ve started here. My due diligence plan includes:

  1. Continuing to look at stories from my past work to inform my future, and looking for honest input
  2. Comment on others’ blogs more frequently and add to the conversation
  3. Find the time to be more active on Twitter
  4. Attend a public conference (or maybe an un-conference)
  5. Keep adjusting the blog until I think it is helping me improve my contribution to my employer

I think this quote says it best:

No fathers or mothers think their own children ugly; and this self-deceit is yet stronger with respect to the offspring of the mind. -Miguel de Cervantes, novelist (1547-1616)

I am looking forward to broadening myself and my involvement with other bloggers. I think.


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  1. Super piece Introvert, and I do hope you can make the trip to HRevolution in April 2011. If there are any questions we can answer for you about the event, please don’t hesitate to ask. Happy New Year!

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