Meet Bailey – CR Superstar

Not everyone is a dog person. I’m not, really, but when the rest of the family is into animals, you learn new things. Sometimes about yourself.

I never had pets growing up. My parents always said we could get a dog “when we move to the country”. By the time we did, the country was a suburb so we never got the dog. It’s probably all for the best, not knowing which of us kids, if any, would take enough ownership of the dog so that it wouldn’t end up being more work for Mom and Dad.

Bailey is the fifth animal we’ve had, and the only one who has been an “only pet” for as long as we’ve had him. When we moved recently, he was pretty quick to adapt to the new routine. He found all the places in the backyard fence that he could possibly fit through.  He quickly learned how to befriend the neighborhood dogs, who come in all shapes and sizes. When we dog sit for our children’s animals, he conspires with them on how to make the best use of their time together. He discovered that the basement carpet is tons of fun to run on.

It appears he has a career in Canine Resources.

  • He challenged our overly-strict policy on the backyard
  • He appreciates the diversity of every dog he meets – fears none and welcomes all
  • He trains and collaborates with the guest animals
  • He looks for opportunities to just have a good time

I’m not quite sure if he’s better suited for recruitment or development, but he’s still learning, so he doesn’t have to specialize yet. In the meantime, I’m using him in a reverse-mentoring capacity. Seriously.  I think he can help me be a better collaborator, which is one of those skills I am working on.

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