What Label Do You Put On Employees?

We all have biases. We are discriminatory. Simply, we make choices based on our judgement, and that judgement is influenced by so many things.

With employees, we sometimes create a label to match our perception of that employee. That label can fuel our bias or the bias of others. There are a few problems with that label.

  1. It’s not a reflection of the whole person, the one with whom we are trying to engage.
  2. It’s usually informed by most recent impressions.
  3. It doesn’t always calibrate with others. (What is a rock star or ninja or guru anyway?)
  4. Their annual performance “score” is a rating of performance, not of the person. How many times have you heard a reference like “He was a 5 last year” compared to “his performance was a 5 last year”?

And the biggest problem; we don’t always find the care label before it’s too late. That’s the most important one.

And most employees don’t require a lot of care. They require equitable treatment, respect, and only rarely do you have to use the delicate cycle.

What labels do you give yourself? More and more, I see Twitter bio’s that lead with the real life stuff first, and the job stuff second. I know, I know, the work stuff is real life too, but you are not your job description, are you?



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