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Bloggers will talk from time to time about “finding their voice”. A simple expression writers use to mean their writing is in sync with their thinking. As we are all influenced by how we experience life, my voice is impacted by others. Since first loading up my Google Reader, I know that I have been influenced to become a blogger by others, and my topics are frequently informed by the combination of people I read. From time to time, I plan to share these voices with you.

When I attended my first HRevolution event in Atlanta this year, I was looking forward to meeting so many of the HR Pros that I had come to know via Twitter and their blogs. Each one has in one way or another helped me think differently about certain HR issues, and the chance to just say “Hello” and “I enjoy your writing” was really great.

Paul Smith is a talented writer, dedicated to his profession, and as eager to learn as he is to share. Though I did not attend the session he co-led with China Gorman, one of my peers did and she was quite impressed with the whole discussion on influence that they led together. I highly encourage you to check out his blog, Welcome To The Occupation, for some thoughtful and thought-provoking reading on topics related to HR.

Among some of his more recent writings that have given me food for thought:

Wellness On My Mind – in which Paul comes to grips with managing what we want to achieve within the real time constraints we all have.

Pets, Employees and HR – a short but impactful post all HR Pros should read from time to time.

Good Guys and Bad Guys – a recent post again reminding us of the important role HR should be playing.

Thanks Paul, for the voice you bring to HR folks in helping them think and contribute positively in their roles.

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    • Paul- Thanks for stopping by. There are so many good writers of HR stuff out there, and many say what I have been thinking so much better than I could have said it. I like to point people in their direction from time to time. I have list of voices in my head to work on in the coming months.
      I will be in Vegas for HRevolution.

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