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Bloggers will talk from time to time about “finding their voice”. A simple expression writers use to mean their writing is in sync with their thinking. As we are all influenced by how we experience life, my voice is impacted by others. Since first loading up my Google Reader, I know that I have been influenced to become a blogger by others, and my topics are frequently informed by the combination of people I read. From time to time, I plan to share these voices with you.

Apart from an occasional comment on her blog, HR Schoolhouse, I encountered Robin Schooling through Twitter. Watching a football game between Atlanta and New Orleans last season, I felt I had to respond to her characterization of my local team as the “Dirty Birds”. We also managed a few Twitter conversations during HR Happy Hour episodes, and we got a chance to meet at HRevolution in Atlanta this year.

Here’s the essence of what I have seen in Robin’s writing – she is dedicated to ever improving the practice of HR professionals, and always provides good food for thought in her posts. She’s never afraid to tell it like it is, even when things are at their worst. This past June, for example, she told us about The Worst HR Job She Had, and shared a collection of experiences over four months that almost seem beyond comprehension.

Looking back before then, these are some of her posts that I think are worth a look – or a re-look if you are already a fan:

So Robin, thanks for bringing your practical advice in situations and stories that most of us can relate to, and even a few from the bizarro world that you have enjoyed.


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