Are You Ready For What’s Next?

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Sam's ready to run - are you?

It’s the first day of spring, and while millions of sports fans in the US are thinking only about March Madness, some are getting ready for the many Opening Day games in Major League Baseball.

Not everyone, to be sure. One of the most frequent complaints from people who don’t understand baseball is that the game is slow. What they don’t realize is how much thinking and planning for the next move is going on in preparation for the next pitch. Each pitch, each swing of the bat matters. And when there is contact and the batter puts the ball in play, the possibilities are endless.

Each player has a role, and when well executed a great double play is a thing of beauty. Each”routine” ground out is not something so routine to the non-player. Each over-the-fence home run stands as an impressive feat of speed, strength, and timing. Each strikeout a battle between two players only.

Much of my work is like a baseball game. Moving frantically at times, but allowing me time between innings or between pitches, sometimes even between games to consider what my next move is. To determine the next appropriate course of action, depending on what the other players are doing at that point in time. I hit it deep sometimes. I make errors, too.

When a player is standing on first base, as we all are with at least one of our projects, there are many possible next moves. Not just the obvious “run fast to second base”. It depends. The player has to not only know how to run, but when to run, how far to lead off, when to turn at second and when to slide. How to slide depending on where the defense is positioned. And then he has to execute flawlessly.

The key element is being ready, being prepared for the next step ahead of my customer so that when the next pitch is thrown, I am ready to play my part. When I hear the ‘crack’ (or ‘ping’) of the bat, I need to be ready to move. Now. You can’t do that without preparation. Are you prepared for whatever is next in the game you are playing?

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