Getting My Priorities Straight

What, no Lotto?

Ah, another Monday. I’ve had approximately 1,700 career Mondays and, frankly, they are not much different from any other day.

There are some more memorable than others. The Monday where I came to work to learn that my boss had been fired the previous day. Or there was that Monday where no other work mattered but to make sure all the paperwork was right for that new hire that was a best friend to the big guy in the front office. Whatever.

These days, working on longer term projects and strategies, Monday is definitely a day for setting priorities. And those priorities are rarely based on which projects I would like to spend time on this week, the ones that have the most interesting learning and opportunity for creativity. The priorities are on which projects need a push to move them closer to a business result.

One of the most recent innovations at work is the clarity with which our CEO and all the leaders speak of our big four objectives. These are the things we should be working toward. The things that matter to the success of the business and the satisfaction of the shareholders. My routine now includes clearing out the requests from my email on Friday so that on Monday Ican focus my energies on the work that advances the corporate goals. And I really like that.

What’s even better is the specificity with which we look at talent management as a key to achieving those objectives. So everything in our people strategy becomes a critical piece of work. Our leaders get that, and I’m very happy about that.

So, on Monday, it’s time to make sure the workplan moves things forward. And more importantly, to take actions that will keep us moving toward improved outcomes.

What’s your Monday like? Cleaning up from last week’s problems, or initiating work that improves the workplace?

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  1. I love this post, Tim! It’s a simple but genius change that will make such a huge difference to the flow of my week. I’ve already wasted this Monday, but I am trying this next week. Thanks!

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