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Bloggers will talk from time to time about “finding their voice”.  A simple expression writers use to mean their writing is in sync with their thinking. As we are all influenced by how we experience life, my voice is impacted by others. Since first loading up my Google Reader, I know that I have been influenced to become a blogger by others, and my topics are frequently informed by the combination of people I read. From time to time, I plan to share these voices with you.

Earlier this year, the gang over at Fistful of Talent picked their top 25 HR blogs.  I, for one, was not at all surprised when the number one blog was identified as No Excuses HR, written by the talented Jay Kuhns.

Jay’s posts are always short and to the point, so I’ll attempt to replicate that style with this simple explanation of why his blog was selected.

Many bloggers make you think. They give you some idea to consider and add their perspective.  Jay doesn’t make you think. He makes you ACT.  Every post is a call to action.  No Excuses, get it done.

Thanks, Jay. You have helped me be better at my work, and I appreciate that.

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  1. Many thanks for writing this post Tim. Blogging is a new found passion for me, and it’s so kind of you to mention it here on your site. Have a great weekend.

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