Employee Passions Outside of Work – Got One?

Now, at first glance, you might assume that the picture accompanying this post was taken by the recently activated Curiosity Rover on Mars. But if you look closely, you can tell that this is really a person in costume. And if I shared the wider shot, you would notice many other people in costume as well.

A Martian walks down Peachtree Street

This weekend I had a chance to attend the annual Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and spent a lot of my time taking pictures. I also followed the Twitter stream a bit, and here is what I found this morning that was the most interesting. Many of today’s tweets are about the agonizing wait until next year’s Con. Yep, like a kid over the holidays, many of the attendees are already dreading their return to reality, and miss the kindred sense of fantasy they shared over the last four days.

Who is inside this costume? Is it a professional with advanced degrees? Is it a college kid who has a fondness for old cartoon characters?

What if it’s your boss, or one of the members of your team? What would you think about that?

At the same time as this interesting event was going on, the annual college football season got going with two big games at the Georgia Dome. So when I rode the MARTA trains on both days I was struck by the combination of local residents, fully costumed zombies and robots, and fully costumed NCAA Football fans. Whether Dragon*Con participants or football fans, these are all people who put aside their work lives to pursue a particular passion. And that, as I know my friend Steve Browne would say, is awesome. People with passion doing something with their time that they love.

Many of my HR peers love their job. It is a passion for them. So is their family. And for some there is their church, or their alumni group, or their neighborhood association. And for all I know, this is one of them. Which is great, because we need a variety of passions – not just our work or career.

HR bloggers out there – can you identify yourself from my parade pictures? Let me know if you see yourself in one of the many characters I captured, and help me write a post about why that villain, hero, monster, dragon, or storm trooper is YOU!

5 Responses to Employee Passions Outside of Work – Got One?

  1. I missed the parade this year in favor of breakfast. ^^ Though I did get to dress up as Donna Noble and get some great photographs. 🙂

    • It was the most crowded I’ve seen at the parade. I think I need to make reservations at the Ritz for breakfast and enjoy the parade from the open dining up there!
      Also, next year I’m going to plan better and get to a few more things.

  2. Tim – thanks for the mention. More importantly thanks for lifting the flag of PASSION in your post.

    It is something that drives all of us !! We, in HR need to recognize this more in the great people around us and jump in.

    Your pics rock and I thought of you when I saw the report of DragonCon. Looked like a cool event !! I would have dressed like The Tick !! (fave comic book character)

    • It’s a pretty big event, Steve. The hotels sold out months ago, and there is something interesting to see everywhere you turn. I was not sure if DragonCon or SHRM had the most alcohol/person consumption.

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