Proud of My Employer

Like many other work-related bloggers, I carry the disclaimer that I do not speak on behalf of my employer. We have a well-defined Social media policy at Kimberly-Clark, and even the specific wording for the disclaimer is clearly identified. Though “The postings on this site are my own and are not the positions, strategies, or opinions of Kimberly-Clark”, that doesn’t mean mutual exclusivity! I agree with my employer on many things, and I am proud of much of the work my HR peers have accomplished in the last few years.

I started this blog anonymously, not because I didn’t want the connection to my work, but because I didn’t know if I would enjoy the process. I did have to think carefully about the stories I wrote and any specifics that might be included. I had a couple of co-workers review posts before I became more public and decided that I could handle writing about work without writing specifically about work at K-C (as we insiders call it).

Today, I am proud of where we have taken our recruitment and employee engagement (yes, I know that word is starting to grind) efforts. We recently were recognized as number 4 on the 2012 “World’s 25 Best Multinational Workplaces” by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Our new Careers Site includes information on our people philosophy, our people, our brands, our locations, and, of course, you can search for openings and submit your resume. We do have some current openings in HR, so take a look.

This is not the first of many posts to come about how great it is to work at Kimberly-Clark. I just wanted to take at least one post this year (and I just made it!) to let my readers know a little bit about my workplace. It’s awesome, fun, and supportive. Over 34 years into my career, I’m still learning, every day.

Finally, this YouTube clip gives you an idea about how we care for all our talented people. Growth and development is a personal accountability, but we strive to create an environment where that can happen.



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