This May Sting a Little – That’s How You Know It’s Working

This is a phrase I’ve heard a few times in my life. It’s what my mom said when she sprayed Bactine on a cut or scrape. It’s also what they told me when they had to put dye in my body to better see the kidney stones.

As we start to look at January paychecks here in the US, I know that in spite of the overwhelming news about the fiscal cliff, many employees will have long forgotten that their FICA deduction has been reduced for a couple of years, and the reduction has expired.

FICA by any other name.....
FICA by any other name…..

So when employees come looking for an explanation of why their take-home is reduced, it is frequently HR’s responsibility to explain why. Ridiculous, I think, as people ought to know more about their paycheck than the average HR generalist should have to know.

Anyway, you just tell them, “That’s how we know our government is working”.

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