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Happy Tim Sackett Day, wherein we honor those HR pros who make it happen day in and day out. I’m lucky that many of these greats blog about their experience, because it makes me that much more dangerous in my work! Today we recognize the incomparable Paul Hebert.

When HREvolution came to Atlanta in 2011, I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet so many people whose work I had come to appreciate. Paul Hebert was among the folks that day that was on my list – I wanted to meet him and tell him I appreciate his work.

PaulHebertPaul’s work, and thus his writing, is all about rewards. He is an expert at all things “Incentive”.  Most of my work has been in team development. I focus on making the work itself rewarding and the usual mantra is “having a great job is its own reward”. But that isn’t very realistic. When I read something Paul has written, I sometimes have a reaction along the lines of “Is he kidding me?” and then I remind myself that he is immersed in this topic. He’s tried things, many things. He asks good questions, and he provides good answers.

For a sample of the kind of things Paul says that gets me thinking:

Recognizing Your 1099 Employees

A GREAT piece on engagement

Tangible Awards vs. Cash – Again!

Paul recently announced that he is taking his Incentive Intelligence business and unique capabilities and bringing them to Symbolist.

I’m grateful for the common-sense voice Paul brings to this interesting topic. He also brings a certain kind of humor to his writing. For the real picture of that, you can read about his current personal situation, and how he is dealing with it here. Get well soon, Paul. We need you!

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