Culture – Scapegoat or Driver?

No matter the institution – your family, your school, your workplace – there is a culture that the participants all assume. The assumptions lead to statements such as:

  • That’s perfect for us!
  • The dean will never approve that.
  • Are you kidding? You think we could do that here?
  • That’s right up our alley.
  • That a great idea, but our culture would never change to allow it.

Many people use their culture as an excuse. If they saw it as a reason, they might do something. But as an excuse, it puts it out of site. And out of reach. A company’s culture can be the reason they don’t try something new.

But culture can also be changed by one person.

You think your co-workers don’t say “Thank you” often enough to one another? What are you doing to change that?

Meetings suck? One person with an agenda and some basic tools can make a meeting suck less.

Or do you prefer to be able to have the excuse?

You are part of the culture, no matter your role. And if you are in HR, you have more tools than most to do something about it.

So stop surveying for engagement and go engage.

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