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Bloggers will talk from time to time about “finding their voice”. A simple expression to say their writing is in sync with their thinking. As we are all influenced by how we experience life, my voice is impacted by others. Since first loading up my Google Reader, I know that I have been influenced to become a blogger by others, and my topics are frequently informed by the combination of people I read. From time to time, I plan to share these voices with you.

I just finished my cruise vacation. As I write, I am sitting in the ship’s theater awaiting my disembarkation time. I was not on board any of the Carnival ships, so it’s all good.

One thing I learned on this trip; there are some jobs where you have to make a decision to enjoy your work, especially when you deal with the general public.

I saw behavior that I felt was totally arrogant, and some that was amazingly gracious. Arrogance was from the guests, graciousness was the norm for the crew. I believe the crew was nearly universally sincere in their actions. From the men cleaning up the dining areas to the crew members performing daily, from the cruise director to the washroom attendant. Who says “Welcome to the restroom” and means it? The young man who kept the dining area restroom spotless each and every evening.
Steve Browne knows how this works. I totally understand Steve’s perspective after this trip. As an HR leader in the food industry, Steve “gets” customer service, and knows you can’t fake it.
Want to know what sincerity and authenticity look like? Read Steve’s Everyday People blog. There he tells real tales about family, scouting, employment, and people in a way that we all wish we could.

Working in “the factory”, I have frequently hired people who never imagined that they would be running equipment for their career, but by carefully selecting and training them, they became very good and, more importantly, very proud of their work. Steve expects that from everyone, and then sets out to help make that the reality for everyone he interacts with.

And I plan to take him up on his most recent challenge.

Thanks, Steve, for being a voice worth listening to, and one to learn from.

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  1. Tim – I am humbled. Thanks for the shout and for also being someone who “gets it.” I appreciate our friendship and for you modeling this new wave of HR Evangelism !! I hope we get to see each other soon. – Steve

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