More About “Dream Jobs”

A few weeks ago I listed my primary criteria for what constitutes a dream job. In the meantime I have traveled more miles than any previous 3 week stint in my career, and the current trip isn’t over.

But that’s OK, because it is a dream job to me. I am doing work I enjoy and learn from each day, I am working with people who are all committed to achieving our company goals, and most importantly, I head out for vacation with my amazing wife starting about noon on Friday.

Today, I arrived in Buenos Aires. I have been here before, but this is a pure work trip. I visited offices of people who work in our IT group, and they have this spectacular view. This picture looks southwest from the 25th floor of  a modern downtown building.

Near sunset, looking southwest from the office.
Near sunset, looking southwest from the office.

Would this be part of a dream job for you? Perhaps the view of the port and the Rio de La Plata would be more appealing? There were plenty of offices and cubes with views of all kinds.

The reality for many of these people is that they are generally virtual workers. The commute to downtown on a regular basis would crush their day, and is mostly unneccessary. The view is not redemption for a bad commute. They love their jobs, but if they had to commute everyday, it would probably not be a dream job for them.

Do you have trade-offs as part of your dream job? Know what they are before you dive into the dream!

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