Playing LinkedIn Endorsement Roulette

About a year ago, I wrote this post about the ten thousand hour rule, and how people couldn’t really have all the expertise they claim on their resumes or on LinkedIn. I suggested that you keep it all focused on those few things that you are uniquely expert in.

Recently, however, I have noticed that a few people I know seem to be playing a game I call “LinkedIn Endorsement Roulette”.

The game is simple. LinkedIn serves up four pictures of connections that looks like this:

My most recent LinkedIn Endorsement Challenge. I had to pass.Yogi is a terrible coach.
My most recent LinkedIn Endorsement Challenge. I had to pass.Yogi is a terrible coach.

Then, you can endorse at your desire. If you know and agree to all four, then you click “Endorse all 4”. Then a fresh screen shows up.

When there are three or less you could endorse, then you only click those. Eventually, people will show up in all four squares showing skills you can’t endorse them for. Then the game is over.

The problem with this “game” is that if you play it as I describe, then you might be endorsing people for something you saw them do one time. Or maybe something you believe they know well because they told you they did.

When I review the endorsements made on my behalf, I look at the relative weighting and priority and think it’s actually about right. But in truth, I don’t think I should be endorsed for more than about a dozen of them, maybe fewer.

Do you use this endorsement tool? Do you think it has any value?

4 Responses to Playing LinkedIn Endorsement Roulette

  1. How Odd – I was just discussing this topic earlier this week with several peers. The skills list has seemingly become a place to list key buzz words rather than demonstrated skills.

    I look hard before I give an endorsement. My endorsement is my word and my belief. It is not something that I want to “gamble” on.

  2. I find it amazing that people who I have never met still choose to endorse me. These people connected with me for networking purposes, but have no idea about my qualifications.

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