Outside Looking In – #SHRM13

I was in Chicago yesterday, but at a meeting at O’Hare, not at #SHRM13. I am not generally a conference goer. I don’t have or maintain certifications, but I do like to learn. And we learn best from each other. That is where the real value in any gathering like this is. The speakers may all be great, and I am sure that many of them impressed the hell out of the participants. People like Jennifer McClure (Happy Birthday, by the way), Cy Wakeman, Jason Lauritsen, Joe Gerstandt, and Cathy Missildine. And that was just the first day.

In addition to talented, giving speakers, there are thousands of giving, teaching peers at a conference like this. And not connecting with them would result in a minimum return on the investment of your time.

While being absent from the SHRM Annual Conference may mean that I missed some great fun and a chance to connect with some of that incredible talent, it doesn’t mean the opportunity is completely lost. Those same giving people are giving through their blogs as well, and here are just a few from the first day that are surely worth the time it takes to peruse them.

  • From Women of HR, Jennifer Payne offers some thoughts on a couple of the top speakers and challenges you to think about how that might impact your organization.
  • At The HR Schoolhouse, Robing Schooling brings a hint of optimism that she thought might be missing.
  • Ben Eubanks shares his plan for taking advantage of the collection of vendors. He won’t be wandering the expo floor, he’s on the offensive!
  • Meanwhile, this post from Joan Ginsberg reminds me why I would have preferred a conversation with her over just reading this. She has some great insights here in this post that any HR Pro should be considering.

There are many more posts from the HR Bloggers in attendance, and I would advise anyone in HR to take a look at them through the course of this week. You may not get the credits, and you won’t get anywhere near the full potential of being in attendance, but you will learn something.

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