The Business Case for Hiring Talent

This post title makes no sense, even to me. In a time where Diversity is all the rage, I have seen one too many articles on the business case for diversity. These articles usually point to the following reasons:

  • A diverse work force is particularly important if your customers are diverse. You need to have viewpoints and opinions in your workforce that match your customers.
  • Having diverse viewpoints in decision processes improves the robustness of decisions.
  • Buying power continues to grow in minority groups.
  • When partnered with true inclusion, diversity brings greater engagement.

In my opinion, the business case is really for open-minded management who don’t need to be told these things. They naturally get them.

Are you challenging your managers enough to know who understands diversity and inclusion, and who just thinks it’s a good idea? More importantly, are you challenging your recruitment team, internal and external, to identify a pool of truly diverse candidates for your key roles?

Talent comes in all shapes and sizes. And with few exceptions, talent comes from hundreds of different schools, countries, backgrounds, and beliefs. Talent comes inside of people, regardless of their external wrapper. And for that reason, when we look for people “like us” or “a good fit” it is easy to find some talent that is like us in too many ways.

Any business that is still looking at measures of diversity or inclusion as something that they need to correct or improve is already behind. So as you are out looking for the best talent you can find, consider the sources. And then make sure that you have managers who truly understand the value of their team and can leverage that value to the best advantage of the business.


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