The Introvert on Vacation

I’ve worked the with the same company long enough to earn a lot of vacation time. And for me, just taking Friday off in the summer would be a great use of that time. Realistically, I share that time with Mrs. I, and we plan to travel.

Earlier this year we took a cruise. Now, being in a confined space with a couple thousand other people is not my favorite place to be. But there were certain aspects that gave me the alone-time I needed.

  • We didn’t have to choose to eat at a time that everyone else did.
  • Our cabin had a nice veranda that was almost like being totally alone.
  • The big ship had lots of deck chairs, not all near the pool, that gave you an opportunity to still have a fair amount of privacy
  • There was an “adults only” pool area that was always less crowded
  • There were some nice seating areas in the ship’s library and computer area that allowed for some degree of isolation.
Why would you reserve a spot that insures you will be surrounded by others?
Why would you reserve a spot that insures you will be surrounded by others?

I’m not a sun-worshiper, but I do enjoy the warmth and reflection of relaxing in the sun when the temperature is just right. I would never do what someone apparently did in the picture for this post. I would be more likely to reserve a block of seats around the ones I actually wanted to use. Create a buffer between me and the other crazy humans on deck.

I enjoyed this particular vacation in spite of the constant reminders that I shared the space with so many. Because I could find the space I needed without reserving it. This is one of the special privileges that exists for introverts everywhere. You rarely have to pay extra or make special arrangements for solitude. You just have to know where to look.

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