The Petrino Principle Revisited – The Weiner Corollary

The need to win in college football is an incredibly powerful force. At the end of a season, when you do an accounting of all the games played across all the colleges, the number of wins will equal the number of losses. The golden ring for any school is to only have tallies in the “Win” column.

This explains why, in spite of so much evidence of questionable behavior, the University of Arkansas hired Bobby Petrino as their coach, only to have to fire him for his questionable behavior. At the time, I was writing about the relationship between Physics and HR, and established the Petrino Principle.  Also known as the concept that past behavior is the strongest indicator of future behavior. He was hired for his past behavior as a winner, and everyone pretended the other behaviors either didn’t matter or would go away. They did matter and they did not go away.

So, to all my friends in New York, I suggest that you consider the Weiner Corollary – Don’t hire someone on the promise of behavior they have never effectively demonstrated. You may wish that the behavior will go away – which by all accounts would be wishes at best – or you may consider that his actual ability to lead in the capacity of mayor of a large city has never been proven or tested in the first place.

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