The Zimmerman Impact – All Hoodies Must Be Removed Before Entering the Store

I went into a store in Talladega this weekend, unfortunately without my phone. Otherwise I would have taken a picture of the sign at the grocery store entrance.

All Hoodies must be removed before entering the store.

Arial font, landscape, simple black lettering on salmon-colored paper. The sign was taped to the four entry doors so it could not be missed.

And this Piggly-Wiggly was right next door to the police station.

I wasn’t wearing my hoodie, it was drying out following my morning walk in the rain. But it was cool enough this week that I might have had it on going to the store.

How long do you think THAT sign will stay? Is it the only dress code the store has, or is all other dress assumed to be common sense?

I didn’t talk with the manager about this. I did a little research and this is a controversial policy being enacted in various stores and venues. The usual reason is that hoodies are a tool for shoplifting and avoiding identification from store cameras.

They are also normal casual wear for many people. Like my cargo shorts. Are they next? I really don’t want to remove them before I go into the store.

Do you have workplace policies that were developed out of one particular incident?

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