Goals, Actions, and Intent – Part 2

Last week I posted a short post, proclaiming that the existence of the post is evidence that I met my single post goal for the week. Among the responses I received was this from a twitter follower:


Jaro got it right. I may have met the goal, but with expectations low, so was the achievement.

This was, of course, the point I was trying to make.

As many of us are moving into annual review time, we are also moving into a period of annual objective setting. Goals, or objectives, need to have a result that is purposeful. A goal to take a certain action may or may not be enough. The intent is more important than the action. But the action is necessary to achieve the intent.

Implied in my goal to have a post was that it would at least convey a message of some value to some number of the readers. That post had little value on it’s own, and though it met some sort of technical standard against a goal of posting once that week, it failed to meet the intent of my posts.

In part three I will walk through an actual goal of mine, and differentiate the actions required to attain that goal from the action implied in the goal statement – To run a marathon in March, 2015.

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