Human Resources is a tough field. It is also rewarding, fulfilling, dynamic, and strategic. It frequently attracts people who “like to work with people”. But that means so many things.

I work with people. How they manage their machines, or their work processes, or how they work with each other. I work with them in developing workplace solutions that allow them to bring their best effort to their work. I help them manage change, I help them implement change, and sometimes I even help them avoid change.

Being introverted doesn’t preclude someone from doing a great job in the field. It doesn’t mean that a person is shy or withdrawn. They might be so part of the time, but introversion is more about a way of thinking and creating than it is about behaving.

The HR Introvert is about how I experience the field, how I do the work. I have been a project manager, an operations manager, an HR Generalist, and an HR Director. I love to learn from others, and have found many HR blogs that don’t just bring great ideas, but they bring, at times, inspiration. If I bring even a little additive to that, I’d be thrilled.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me: thehrintrovert@gmail.com

-Tim Gardner