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I Can’t Summarize HRevolution

The HRevolution Team creates the conditions for success, it's up to the participants to make the magic happen.
The HRevolution Team creates the conditions for success, it’s up to the participants to make the magic happen.

From the first time an employee asked for permission to attend a conference, my response has always been the same. I want to know your learning objective, how that will apply to work or your growth, and how you will bring learning back to the rest of the team.

If my leader held me to that standard for my attendance at HRevolution last Saturday, I would easily handle the first two points, but I simply can’t bring the learning to the rest of the team.

I go to HRevolution (3 times so far) for a kick-start. To get me thinking. To engage with people who never worked where I work and who will share whatever they know when you ask a question. I go because when a group of smart people come together to think through a topic, they aren’t afraid to disagree or argue. They say things like “I call BS”, and “I love you guys, but shut up for a minute”. No one stands in the front of a room reciting. They challenge.

And when it is done I reflect on what I learned. I learned, as I did the last two times, that I know a fraction of what I could know to make my workplace better for employees. And better for my company.

I can’t summarize. I incubate. And in some small way, the exchanges I had with the one hundred or so participants find their way into my work discussions and decisions. They shape the quality of my work for the better, and when I have that next insight on how to do something better than we have done it before, there will be something from that Saturday in the DNA of that idea.

What are you doing to make sure you bring the best you can to your thinking, so you can bring your best to your workplace?

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