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Now on HRTV – Jobhunters!

Welcome to HRTV and our flagship program – Jobhunters! Each episode we feature an individual looking to find the perfect job, and of course, we find that expectations and reality aren’t always a good match. Join us for our latest episode featuring Jack.

Narrator:”Jack and Jill are newlyweds who recently relocated to Colorado Springs in order for Jill to pursue her dream as a championship table tennis player. Jack will be leaving behind his job at the local department store loading dock, and has big ideas of finding his dream job in Colorado Springs.”
Cut to Jack, sitting with Jill in the local coffee shop.
“I have a good idea of what I’m looking for. I’ve been working full time for three years now, so I know how it all works.”
Narrator: “Jack sat down with their friend Anne, a local career counselor and he laid out his wish list.”
“I’m looking forward to something traditional – something with original pensions, but brought up-to-date. The new job has to have opportunity for growth, of course. Something that would provide a fast-track into a manager role would be great. I envision opportunities as a director within three years.”
Narrator: “Jack’s also been reading about unlimited time off, and thinks that would be a big plus, so he could travel with Jane as she competes and still get paid.”

Cut to Anne sitting at desk:
“I’m not so sure I can find Jack what he is looking for. I feel he is underestimating what many employers are seeking, and that his wish list just isn’t realistic for someone with his limited experience. I mean, frankly, he just doesn’t have any in-demand skills.”

Narrator: “Anne was able to secure an interview for Jack at a local brewery.”
Jack: “Sweet. I know my beers.”
Narrator: “Jack shows up to what appears to be a group tour – potential applicants for some new openings in the expanding brewery getting the same overview. The camera crew couldn’t follow him; the HR manager wouldn’t allow it. We caught up with Jack about two hours later, as he shared the experience with Anne.”
Jack: “That was an awesome place, and they have team beer tastings every Friday afternoon! I wasn’t a big fan of the work itself – they are looking for people to clean the vats and assure all the bottling equipment runs well. I could do it, but I think there is something better out there for me.”
Narrator: “So Anne lined up another interview for him, this time one a little closer to his wish list.”
Jack (standing in front of a shopping mall): “Anne found that this mall is adding people to it’s security team. I have thought about law enforcement in the past, and although I would prefer not to work the night shift, that’s the opening they have and it would let me go to Jill’s local matches that are usually during the day.”
Narrator: “Again, our camera’s couldn’t follow Jack, so we met with him at the coffee shop after his interview.”
Jack: “I think it’s mine if I want it. I mean, I’ll still have to pee in a cup and all, but I could tell they really liked me. I got a full tour of the mall – it has good bones, I think I would like it. I might be able to make some changes to the work schedule once they hear my ideas and realize my management potential.”
Narrator: “Anne has continued to look for something matching Jack’s ideal job, and has come up with one last meeting for Jack – this time at the car wash.”
Jack: “I was a little surprised when I looked up the address and realized where my recruiter had sent me. But I have a lot of trust in her that she can find the perfect fit, so I have to check it out.”
Narrator: “We watched through the glass as Jack talked first with the manager, and then with the head of the car detailing team. Then they sat down at a picnic table behind the car wash, where Jack filled out an application. Afterward, we asked him how he thought it went.”
Jack: “They were really nice guys, and I told the manager I wanted his job. Someone told me that was always the best answer to the question “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I think that was the right answer, because they are opening a new wash in another part of town, and he said he might get me trainin’ as the assistant manager there if I showed I could learn how the whole thing works by washing and detailing cars for a few months. I’m pretty sure I could do that. I might have to wait for the pension job to come along.”
Narrator: “Jack went home to talk with Jill. It’s time to make a decision. He has had three interviews set up by a recruiter friend, Anne. She wasn’t able to find him a dream job, but his dream seemed to be more fantasy than reality. The three of them sat in a bar to make the decision.”
Jill: “So what do you think, Babe?”
Jack: “Well, first there was that job at the brewery. It had good fringe benefits with the Friday beer tasting and all, but the work looked pretty hard. Then the mall job was interesting. I did ask if that job included training on the Segway, and they told me they didn’t have them. But we would get insurance in three months. Finally, the car wash is expanding to a new location, and I think they really liked me. It might be good to get in on the start of that new location. Hey Anne, did any of them make an offer?
Anne: “You know, I don’t have any kind of relationship with these folks, and I’m not your manager. Have you checked your voicemail or email?”

Jack: “Oh, I thought they would work with you directly. I got a couple of calls from numbers I didn’t recognize, maybe that was them. Let me check my messages.”

Cut to Anne rolling her eyes.

Narrator: “After a few minutes, Jack comes back to tell Jill and Anne that both the brewery and mall turned him down, but the car wash had called to tell him he could start tomorrow.”

Jack: “Anne did the best she could under the circumstances, I guess she didn’t know as much about available jobs as I thought. But I’ll start with the car wash until something better comes along.”

Next week, join us again as we meet Andrea, who thinks she wants to cut hair, but wants to get into a good salon before she starts her formal training at the local cosmetology school.

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