Inversity and Disclusion – an Outsider’s View of the SHRM/HRCI Malfunction

Disclaimer – I am not a member of SHRM, nor have I earned any of the certifications offered through HRCI. My observations have little to do with understanding the why, but I have a perspective – their customers did not come first. I have encountered a number of talented, dedicated, and – most importantly –Continue Reading

Open Door – “You Shoulda Picked Ned”

The “Open Door” stories are all composites. Real situations I have faced in one form or another, but written with respect to those who have shared parts of their lives with me at work. And if you’ve worked in HR very long, you have dozens like these. When we have a promotional announcement to makeContinue Reading

Too Late? Never!

I was taking a noontime walk earlier this week, when I encountered this sign on the side of a bus stop shelter. Too late?  Too late for job training after 24? Of course, many of you know that Job Corps is a program aimed at providing job training for the 16-24 group. A way toContinue Reading

Goals, Actions, and Intent – Part 3

Most of us know about making objectives SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound). But here’s the next thing I think you should consider. Ideally, your objectives reflect change and growth. So, after setting SMART Objectives, what about a smart plan to achieve them? We don’t change and grow accidentally. We need a plan. In myContinue Reading

Fit and Diversity

It’s “fit” week here at the HR Introvert. Does anyone really know what that word means? If I asked you to sketch a typical jigsaw puzzle piece, you would likely draw something that looks like a box or rectangle with a combination of two appendages and two cutouts. The standard non-edge piece. In practice, evenContinue Reading

How The Introvert Fits – Why Your Interview Process May Be Letting You Down

It’s “fit” week here at the HR Introvert. Does anyone really know what that word means? Remember the interview team from Monday’s post? Well, they have had another candidate in today and it is time for the debrief. Let’s Join Joe, Maryan, and the Hiring Manager as they delve into their thoughts on today’s candidate.Continue Reading

Collisions of Fit and Culture Change

It’s “fit” week here at the HR Introvert. Does anyone really know what that word means? Good fit isn’t always about a hiring decision. Sometimes it is about a firing or resigning decision. For a brief period of my career, I worked for Crown Zellerbach, a paper company with headquarters in San Francisco. My roleContinue Reading